Compression sleeves for use on legs

Best compression sleeves for use on legs, used both to improve athletic performance and to manage venous insufficiency when footless compressors are required

Advantages of compression sleeves for legs:

This type of sleeve has several uses according to its degree of compression for the management of venous insufficiency, however they are also a great plus in sports performance and in the training of athletes:

  • They serve as joint / muscular support.
  • Compression sleeves promote blood circulation and increased sports performance.
  • They improve muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid accumulation and pain.
  • They reduce problems like cramps and bloating.
  • They help reduce inflammation and bruising.
  • Depending on its degree of compression, it can help relieve pain under medical indication.
  • Offer additional protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • They are very useful in people who need to wear stockings for the treatment of venous insufficiency while taking off their shoes frequently, as is the case in some religions.
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