Compression sleeve for arm

Best therapeutic compression sleeves for treating lymphedema in the arms. Beautiful designs.

Advantages of compression sleeves for arms:

This type of sleeve has several uses depending on its degree of compression as they:

  • Serve as joint / muscular support
  • Optimize blood drainage
  • Improve muscle recovery by reducing lactic acid
  • Help reduce inflammation and bruising
  • Help relieve pain in some injuries
  • Offer additional protection against ultraviolet (UV) rays
  • In degrees of medical compression they are used in the control of lymphedema (edema of lymphatic origin) due to various entities or circumstances such as breast surgery.
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Medical Sleeves

15-20 mmHg

20-30 mmHg

30 a 40 mmHg

Sports Sleeves: To reduce fatigue and improve recovery

Frame to put compression sleeves for arm

Arm compression sleeves donner and explanatory video of its use:

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Arm Elevator anti Lymphedema