Waterproof leg cover

Waterproof protectors designed to avoid wetting the bandages and dressings in the shower during the bath or when we bring any bandaged area of the lower limbs to water or some liquid in order to prevent it from getting wet. They provide a dry seal for the limb and areas of wounds, ulcers, burns or abrasions.

Characteristics of waterproof bandage protectors

  • They can be reused for several weeks
  • They are easy to fit and lightweight
  • They prevent wounds and dressings from getting wet as long as the seal remains undamaged and comes into direct contact with the skin. There are models that are even suitable for swimming, most of them are only suitable for showers, it depends on the model and price.
  • Several of the models guarantee to be latex-free (not all, you should read their individual characteristics)
  • They come in different heights, long or short, and can cover the entire lower limb or just one segment such as the foot, calf or knee.
  • They do not require adhesive tapes.

Models of waterproof protectors for wounds and cures