Tubular Bandages

Elastic tubular compression bandage

Uses of tubular bandage

Bandage used, among others, for venous ulcer cures due to its compressive properties. They can be used to hold dressings or other bandages, also to protect the skin. They are often used to support and relieve ligaments, tendons, and joints after strains, sprains, or soft tissue injuries.

Elastic Tubular Bandage Features

Its price varies depending on the size, length offered, manufacturing materials and presence or not of previous sterilization, several are latex-free, although not all. They come in a wide range of sizes that we can adjust to the shape of the body and can be cut to any length required for a cure, allowing them to be used in various types of bandage. They are easy to put on and take off, they are usually quite resistant giving the option of being washed and reused when sterile material is not required, however some models can be re-sterilized.

Tubular net bandage

Bandage used mainly to hold dressings and allow better ventilation without using adhesive tape (where possible) facilitate perspiration. They make quick dressing changes and inspection during healing easier. They come in a variety of sizes and stretch to fit various body regions, you can even get a tubular mesh trunk bandage. Some are latex free.