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Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins

We are experts in venous insufficiency so we publish about the best stockings for varicose veins, available here, based on our medical experience.

Moderate Compression Stockings

We provide a detailed compression stockings catalog with all degrees of compression in stockings for men and women.

If you are looking for medium compression stockings we have a wide variety of moderate compression stockings or 20 30 mmHg

Compression stockings for the medical treatment of varicose veins

Compression stockings are one of the fundamental pillars of the treatment of varicose and spider veins, as well as a first-line resource used by specialists in varicose veins.

Compression stockings accompany patients even more than surgery or sclerotherapy for the management of varicose veins and are the most widespread non-pharmacological means used in venous insufficiency of the lower limbs.

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Wide list of compression stockings of the best brands selected according to their use, by type of compression, according to their height, for sports use, by colors, according to the type of toe desired (open or closed toes) as well as special uses (socks for pregnant women, compression socks for men, large sizes, etc.)


There are numerous elements that have been designed to facilitate the use of compression stockings such as: placement devices, garters, adhesives, etc.


Reference material on the correct use of elastocompression devices, indications and contraindications for stockings, special cases. Topics associated with venous insufficiency due to varicose veins, venous thrombosis, embolism and their treatment, among others


We have numerous other commonly used compressor elements such as girdles, sleeves, bandages, compression leggings, intermittent pneumatic compression equipment and gloves.

Benefits of compression stockings

All patients with venous insufficiency could benefit from the use of compression stockings in the absence of their few contraindications. The stockings are adapted to the length and shape of the legs, they can be used for different degrees of venous disease, exerting a gradual compression from the ankle (area of ​​greater venous pressure due to the effect of gravity) upwards, generating a gradient that favors return of blood from the feet to the heart.

Compression stockings seek to bring the venous walls closer together, reducing their distention, by reducing their diameter they improve the coaptation of their valves, favoring the ascending flow and the return speed of the blood, opposing blood stagnation or stasis – reducing the possibility of venous thrombosis – while reducing venous hypertension, thus controlling the symptoms and progress of venous insufficiency.

What are compression stockings used for

  • Compression stocking therapy reduces edema or swelling of the legs (extracellular edema and tissue pressure),
  • Stockings control hyperpigmentation,
  • Reduce varicose vein pain
  • Reduce color changes such as erythema and bruises
  • Reduce symptoms such as heaviness and/or night cramps associated with varicose veins
  • They favor the post-surgical recovery of those who are operated on for varicose veins and/or sclerosis of veins and vascular spider veins.
  • Compression stockings are a fundamental tool when it comes to preventing and treating venous thrombosis of the lower limbs. Their simple use, low cost, and almost no side effects make them ideal of thrombotic risk.
  • They are useful in the recovery and performance of athletes during their sports activity.
  • Together with bandages, they help improve patients with varicose ulcers

Our topics

In we expose points of great importance on the use of compression stockings related to their manufacture, indications, types of compression stockings, our experience with patients who wear these stockings, problems and solutions for their best use, entities related to venous insufficiency, devices to help patients, etc.