“Doing things well matters more than doing them.” Antonio Machado It should be noted that there are many more patients with an indication to use compression stockings for venous insufficiencySaber más +Why use compression stockings for varicose veins?

It is very important to properly care for compression stockings, especially if we keep in mind that it is a therapeutic element that we use from the moment we wakeSaber más +How to wash compression stockings?

– The car, television, video, personal computer, cell phone and other passwords for happiness, machines born to “save time” or to “pass the time”, take over time. Eduardo Galeano. HealthSaber más +E-Thrombosis

– Or rather, it would be necessary to ask: Who has not had their stockings slide off? … People have very variable aspects so the shape of our bodies isSaber más +My stockings are falling off

– The mistakes made when selecting the size of the stockings are one of the most important problems that lead to their lack of use and, therefore, hinder the improvementSaber más +How can I know my size for stockings for varicose veins?

“Most of the time we don’t need new paths, but new ways of walking” In our legs there are many superficial veins draining into the deep veins so the absenceSaber más +Where will the blood return if my diseased veins are removed?