How to wash compression stockings?

It is very important to properly care for compression stockings, especially if we keep in mind that it is a therapeutic element that we use from the moment we wake up and throughout the day. If we take enough care of them they will last longer without losing effectiveness.

This article is born from my experience of 20 years wearing compression stockings.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions

It seems like a silly rule, but it’s important to read the manufacturer’s directions. People tend to skip this step and don’t know that by ignoring them they miss a great deal of information.

Each manufacturer has their suggestions according to the manufacturing processes they use and the materials used to make the stockings.

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These are elements that are part of the treatment and it is worth following the instructions that are intended to preserve their integrity and thus extend their useful life.

How to wash stockings

Wash daily

It is important that we wash them daily, since stockings are subject daily to our own movement and to possible germs on the road and in our footwear. For this reason it is very convenient to have other replacement stockings to use while we wash the pair that were just used.


Be careful when handling the stockings with long nails and avoid handling stockings while wearing rings with sharp edges since in both cases they can tear the stockings and cause defects quickly. If you can’t avoid this it is advisable to wear gloves to protect the stockings’ fabric.

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Hand wash or machine wash

Stockings should be washed carefully, it is recommended to wash by hand (be careful if you have long nails because these can tear into the fabric) or use a washing machine (read the manufacturer’s recommendations), in which case be sure to use a wash cycle for delicate clothes.

– I have washed my stockings in the washing machine for years following the manufacturer’s care tips and have never had any problems.

It is advisable to put the stockings in the washing machine inside bags or laundry baskets for delicate clothes, here are some examples:

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You can do without these bags if you wash the stockings with clothes that do not have elements that could hook onto the stockings or if you think that stockings getting tangled with the rest of the clothes won’t be a problem.

Silicone band stockings

For the best results when washing the stockings with non-slip silicone bands, it is recommended to turn them inside out before washing in the washing machine. Another option is to hand wash the silicone stocking band.

Water temperature

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Never heat up stockings. Try to wash at a temperature close to 30 ºC, do not use hot water. Heat damages the elastic fibers of the stockings and causes them to stretch prematurely.


Use a mild detergent, do not use softening fluids, conditioner, or bleach.

Do not dry clean.

Some brands of stockings have their own detergent, however neutral detergents for delicate, fabric-free laundry may be an alternative solution.

If there are any stains on the fabric, it is better to soak them in a neutral detergent and then rub them gently with your hands, this does not guarantee that the stains come out, but it helps to achieve this and prevents the elastic properties of the stockings from being lost. Never use abrasive products or stain removers.

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How to dry compression stockings

Do not tumble dry, heat would reduce the effective life of the stockings.

Due to their type of fabric, stockings usually allow perspiration, so they tend to dry quickly, if you want to accelerate this process or live in a very humid area, you can remove excess water by pressing the wet stockings a little between the fabric of a dry towel, the towel will take excess moisture, then hang the stockings and you will see that its drying time will be much shorter. Set them to dry in a shaded place with plenty of ventilation, avoid exposing them directly to the sun.

Do not place stockings to dry on heaters or radiators.

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Do not iron them, direct heat at that temperature would melt the elastic fibers.

Threads you find running loose should not be cut since after cutting they can form holes or runs across the stocking.

Some articles that serve for the hygiene of compression stockings