Equipment with frame to place the compression stockings

Apparatus to place the compression stockings that use a rigid support facilitating their placement.

Frame for placing compression stockings

Stocking frames are easy to use equipment and often give patients independence to don compression stockings with less time and effort. Those who previously required the aid of another person to put stockings on can do so independently thanks to these appliances.

One of the common situations with the use of compression stockings is the need for help to put the socks on, this is really not unusual and it may be because they are not used to wearing high compression stockings or that they have a physical limitation or disability that warrants receiving assistance to put on the stockings.

“The wise man does not lay up his own treasures. The more he gives to others, the more he has for his own.” – Lao Tzu

I remember some patients without disabilities who asked us to help them improve their way of putting on the stockings, either because it was cumbersome or it seemed that it took a long time. It is not uncommon for an active person to have difficulty putting on a heavy or high compression stocking or sleeve, which happens more frequently if the size is too tight or if time is short for their lifestyle and they want a more practical or faster way to put them on.

How to know my size of stockings for varicose veins?

Shoehorn for socks

Fortunately, there are devices to put strong compression stockings or any degree, utensils designed similar to a sock shoehorn for easy use by the user of the stockings or also by other people who assist them in this work, such as nurses or caregivers. It is very useful for those who care for elderly people with limited autonomy.

Observe in the following videos how easy it can be to put on strong compression stockings – or socks of any degree of compression – with these useful devices:

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These utensils to put compression stockings are divided into rigid frame devices and frameless utensils to put stockings, the latter we have in another post.

Compression sleeve donner

Device to don on compression sleeves and explanatory video of its use:

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Device to don on stockings on bedridden or hospitalized patients

This versatile donner can be used for stockings or sleeves and due to its design it is appropriate to be used by people who help the patient to put on the elastic stockings while they are in bed or when they do not collaborate with movement.

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Advantages and disadvantages of shoehorn for compression socks

Advantages 🥇

They reduce the need to bend over in people with limited mobility, recently operated, elderly or overweight.

They do not wear out stockings as badly as handling them manually

It significantly reduces the force required to don stockings, making it easier to put on heavy or high compression stockings.

Reduces trauma and / or poor posture of caregivers who work with more relief

Speeds up the time of putting on compression stockings or sleeves, even those that are not.

It improves the independence of the user, makes it easier to lead a normal life and feel capable again.


With most of them you can help yourself only up to the knee (which is at any rate the most difficult part of the process 🤗) the rest you must do manually.

Models of apparatus for donning compression stockings

The frames to place the stockings are easy to use equipment and in patients with few limitations they usually give them independence to put on compression stockings with less time and effort, while for caregivers or assistants they are a great relief because they greatly facilitate their work once they have practiced a couple of times with them, in fact some health centers purchase the compression sock shoehorn so that the staff can do the work of placing the stockings on the patients with greater comfort.